Over the first 12 weeks of school, TCS students have participated in various cooking activities. Applesauce making, pumpkin pie baking, smoothie making, pumpkin seed roasting, apple pie baking, and edible cell creating have all been part of the curriculum this year.

Cooking with children provides them with numerous learning opportunities:

  • Math: Practicing counting, measuring and fractions, as well as thinking about order of operations, shape, size, and using mathematical reasoning
  • Science: Observing changes in ingredients, such as dissolving, melting or freezing, learning about temperature, and nutritional awareness
  • Literacy: Learning new vocabulary through reading recipes and following step-by-step directions
  • Motor Skills: As students stir, knead and pour, they develop their fine and gross motor skills
  • Social Skills: When cooking together as a class, collaboration, communication, turn-taking and division of labor are all practiced

Cooking allows students to develop and practice all of these skills through hands-on, fun experiences. Cooking with students is just one of the ways TCS prepares students for the real world. Click here to see pictures of cooking projects that have taken place over the last year.