Proven Success With Collaborative Learning - The Children's School

Proven Success

Children who attend TCS through 8th grade consistently enroll at select high schools in San Diego.

At a Glance

    A 50 year legacy in education

    We’ve been different for over five decades. It’s why students love coming to school here. We provide a proven, innovative path to the best high schools in San Diego as well as  select higher education with active preparation for success in the real world. Beyond acceptance to the area’s most selective high schools, many of our students go on to elite colleges and to become innovators in society.

    Tomorrow’s game changers need to do more than rote learning and test prep.  They need emotional intelligence, an ability to think critically and creatively. They need to be curious risk takers and good friends. They need to be passionate advocates and embrace personal accountability. We teach all that, every day, at The Children’s School, San Diego’s best private school.

    Don't Just Take Our Word for It.

    They are not taught what to think, they are taught HOW to think. TCS fosters a love for learning, gives the students tools they can use to succeed in school and the real-world, and creates a safe space where each child can be their unique self.

    Nicole, Current Parent

    If you go into a classroom you would see kids writing, learning, working on a project, reading and lots of other things. You would also see trees and plants. You would hear kids laughing, playing and having fun! To me, it feels like the place where I have all the fun!

    Current Student, 2nd Grade

    TCS has taught me to always challenge myself academically and to be generous towards others. 

    Sarah, Class of 2021

    My experience at TCS has honestly been unbelievable. I have created amazing relationships with my teachers, faculty, and peers.

    Aasha, Class of 2021

    In a world with increasing reliance on regurgitating the "right answer," The Children's School teaches children how to think, not what to think.

    Laura Owen, Alumni Parent