What Is Progressive Education? - The Children's School in La Jolla

Progressive Education

What is Progressive Education?

For over a century, progressive education has championed a hands-on, integrated approach to learning, an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking, a focus on cooperation and collaboration and a commitment to supporting the development of the whole child. These hallmarks, evolved and updated to meet the rigors of today’s society, can be found in every student’s experience at The Children’s School.

Our Approach to Progressive Education

  • We bring together engaged students, passionate educators, and invested and informed parents.

  • We blend intellectual rigor with powerful social and emotional support for all students.

  • We build on a century of progressive traditions with the best in educational innovation.

  • We know a student-centered school creates joyful learners today and active citizens tomorrow.

  • We infuse our curriculum with the skills needed to compete and succeed in an entrepreneurial world.

  • We understand a school should be a community and a family for students.

  • We want students to thrive so that they can become the next generation of leaders.

  • We challenge students to become their best selves, to achieve and do more.