Board of Trustees - San Diego Private School - The Children's School

Board of Trustees

Beyond ensuring the long-term financial viability of The Children’s School, our Board of Trustees provides governance and establishes policies aligned with the mission, vision and values of the school.

2023-24 Officers

President – Helene Mandell
Vice President – Peter Huffman
Treasurer – Chris McGuinness
Secretary – J B Tropp

2023-24 Members

President - Helene Mandell, Vice President - Peter Huffman, Treasurer - Chris McGuinness, Secretary - J B Tropp, Orousha Brocious, Erik Holmlin, Denise Longley, Sandy Rierson, Thomas Verhagen, Diane Blumenthal, Simon Lin

Strategic Planning

As we affirm our teaching mission and values, continue to innovate our strengths and seek areas for continued improvement, the Board of Trustees seeks to reflect the voices of the entire community.