The Children's School | Private Middle School in La Jolla, CA

Middle School

The Children's School Is A Co-ed Private School in San Diego Offering Academic Programs From Toddlers through Eighth Grade.

Your kids will want to come to school day after day. And when they leave, they’ll be prepared to take on the world as active learners and citizens.

Our Sixth through Eighth Grade Program


The goal of our Middle School Program is to instill in every adolescent an enduring intellectual passion, confidence, and social responsibility. Hands-on, individualized learning and a sense of belonging help students feel engaged and ensure they reach their full potential, all while preparing them for success in high school and beyond. Opportunities abound for supported risk taking and an exploration of new and emerging interests and abilities.

Dynamic, committed teachers guide students through an intellectually rigorous, modern academic program while supporting social and emotional growth. Accountability and collaboration are fostered inside and outside the classroom. Citizenship and scholarship meet as our middle school students grow into their identities with the support of a school designed for their success.


Progressive traditions meet a modern education in our comprehensive, inquiry-based, rigorous middle school program. Integrated, cross-discipline approaches builds meaning, support the shift from concrete to abstract thinking, and develop students’ ability to understand multiple perspectives. It is not only more exciting for students but mirrors the interconnectedness they’ll experience in the real world. Perseverance, critical thinking, creative problem solving, curiosity, and collaboration are hallmarks of what our students take from their time here.

Through small classes, differentiation, individualized attention, progressive traditions, and exceptional teaching, we meet students where they’re at and develop appropriately challenging, engaging work that sets them up for success now and in all future learning. While our students are prepared for standardized testing, our model prioritizes demonstrating knowledge and understanding through culminating projects and presentations. Written narratives help students and parents understand points of strength and opportunities for continued growth. Conferences, including student-led portfolio presentations, offer an opportunity for face-to-face sharing, collaborating, and celebration.

Social & Emotional Learning

Middle School is a time of immense change and growth, and we work to foster self-confidence, relationships, leadership, accountability and community. Whether in the classroom or the hallway, before school or during class, we make time and space for the conversations that shape social and emotional development.

Students learn best when they are known and valued. Small classes and a tight-knit community are just the start. Every middle school student is part of an advisory, who serves as an advocate your child can trust. Our advisory program, from student meetings to student-parent-teacher communication and partnerships, creates a more personalized school environment and provides the structure and practices for championing students’ progress. Middle school students feel at home here.

The TCS Difference

Our middle school students have ways to develop creativity, discover new interests, and grow as individuals. Elective classes include art, music, musical theater, film and photography, photo editing, drama, theater, cooking and more. From robotics to History Day to Science Fairs, student-driven efforts are a testament to the engaging coursework and support received from teachers. The chance to take on greater responsibility is integral to shaping future leaders, so our middle school students lead their morning advisory meetings and run our all school community meeting on Fridays

Field trips and an expansive definition of campus take learning outside the classroom. Students also embark on ambitious independent study through personal learning projects (PLP) to further passions and interests. Working under the guidance of an advisor, a broad range of personal learning has emerged ranging from writing and publishing a book to learning a new language. When taking a chance and being wholly oneself is not just supported but celebrated, students come to middle school eager to learn and leave ready to take on high school, higher ed, and the world.