While studying the Pilgrims and their first year at Plymouth, our third graders became particularly interested in the ship, the Mayflower. To further this emergent interest, the students completed extra research on the ship, learning about its dimensions and how it was built. The students then worked in groups of three to build replicas of the Mayflower out of cardboard, in the TCS Makerspace. Students enjoyed using saws, canary knives, drills, packing tape and hot glue to construct their Mayflowers. 
When asked about this project and their time in the TCS Makerspace, students responded with:

  • “The best part was using the drill.” – A.L.
  • “The packing tape was great for putting cardboard together. The hot glue was good for the mast to be sturdy. The Mayflower project was fun and the Makerspace is awesome.”  – S.G.
  • “It was fun to work together in the Makerspace.” – A.B.
  • “Think about how hard it was to live on the Mayflower!” – A.J.
  • “My favorite part about the Makerspace was cutting with the knife and working together.” – E.B.
  • “I can’t wait to go there (the Makerspace) to do another project.” – C.S.

To view pictures of the third graders working on this project, click here