Over the summer, TCS had the opportunity to interview alumna Lucy Conover. Lucy attended The Children’s School for kindergarten through eighth grade, and then High Tech High. Lucy is a freshman in college this fall, and we were delighted to get the opportunity to hear about her high school and college admissions experiences. 

What aspects of your TCS education do you think have been most valuable to you in high school and as you prepare to go to college?

The social-emotional skills TCS has fostered in me, from a young age, have given me a really strong sense of self. TCS has also showed me the importance of advocating for myself and forming close bonds with teachers and mentors. These skills have been the most valuable to me in high school. In college, I feel I will have the advantage of being comfortable making new friendships – while keeping true to myself – with my peers and professors, as well as asking for help when needed. Feeling safe and supported to take risks and challenges is a core value of TCS that has helped me immensely.

I also really enjoyed programs where a sense of community was built across grades, like Reading Buddies, Community Meetings, Spring/Winter Sing. These activities instilled in me a love of community and drove me to make friends with people who aren’t always my same age. These events at TCS and “Todd Time” also improved my teamwork and communication skills.

Did you feel prepared for high school?

Yes, I felt prepared! Not only did I feel prepared for the academic rigor, but more specifically, I felt prepared socially. The inclusiveness and open-mindedness of the TCS staff helped me develop my identity in middle school, which in turn led me to be more confident in high school. The TCS math, science, history and writing curriculum helped me succeed in my high school assignments. The transition from TCS to high school was seamless.

What is your fondest memory of TCS?

I would have to say my 8th grade class trip to New York! Not only did that trip teach me real-world skills that help me in my daily life, but it created life-long memories. Navigating the subway routes gave me a taste of independence, an experience I will use today as I go off to college. Having to fundraise took an immense amount of planning and coordination with my classmates. The patience and enthusiasm of the teachers after spending a week with 40 pre-teens was amazing. I will never forget this trip!

Additionally, I have so many sentimental memories of The Dance Academy. From Nutcracker, to coming to dance after school, it created a space where I could really express myself. Nobody does the Nutcracker better than Miss Lorna. 

Are there any special high school accomplishments you would like to share?

Yes, I am extremely proud to have been the lead author and scientist on a published scientific paper in a peer reviewed journal. “WDS 00049+3005 STT 548AC, Ignored for 156 years?” was published in the Journal of Double Star Observations., on Oct. 1, 2018, Vol. 14, No. 4. We hypothesized that the claimed double star component most likely didn’t exist due to potential error by an observer in 1861.

How many colleges were you accepted into? 


Were there any special honors or awards you were given?

Yes, I am extremely honored to have been offered early admission to UC Berkeley and the Regents’ and Chancellor’s scholarship. Additionally I received the following honors:

  • Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarship for non-violent conflict resolution
  • Michael J. Starkey Vietnam Veteran’s scholarship
  • Blue Dot Education learning grant
  • Cal Coast Cares Foundation Community Service scholarship
  • Kyoto Prize Scholarship, second place

What college will you be attending in the fall?

Pitzer College

How did you make the decision on which college to attend?

I am grateful and humbled to have had many incredible college choices. Ultimately, I knew in my heart Pitzer is the right place for me because of its similarities to TCS and High Tech High. The small, close knit communities, the unique classes and ability to create your own major out of your interests, and the strong focus on interdisciplinary learning. Being part of the Claremont consortium means I can take courses at any of the 5 colleges. The environment really fit my personality and made me feel the most comfortable. The students and staff at Pitzer were extremely kind and welcoming, much like the TCS community!