In many classrooms across the TCS campus, the students helped brainstorm classroom jobs, and then participated in creating a “Job Chart” during the first few weeks of school. With the job charts created, students then practiced the jobs, making sure everyone was in agreement on what the job required, and then started job rotations. Classroom jobs can help build a sense of excitement, community, and interdependence in a classroom. These tasks give students the opportunity to exercise and practice decision-making and reasoning and also give students a chance to be responsible in a meaningful way: the children know that completing their job helps their classmates or their teacher (or both). Here is a list of jobs that the students came up with (names were also created by the students):

Lamp Lighter
Couch Rester
Calendar Helper
Pencil Sharpener
Personal Assistant
Plant Waterer
PR (Positive Reinforcement)
Lunch Checker
Magic Eraser

When children are given responsibilities like these, they feel valued, capable and respected, which in turn boosts confidence. Some of the jobs involve reading or counting, which will help develop literacy and math skills. These may also give a nudge of encouragement to children who have not been volunteering for some of these tasks up until now. Our goal is that by having these jobs be one’s own special responsibility, our students will seize the opportunity to try out these tasks and to realize they are capable. 

Click here to see job charts from across campus.